Movie Renamer

Movie Renamer

The easiest way to rename movies

Movie Renamer is an Open Source application Windows/Linux/OSX, totally free written in java, for easily renaming movie files.

/!\ We are looking for programmers, if you are a java and/or swing developer and you are interested in developing this software (you must speak English and/or French) Please send me an email at

Features :

  • Scan movie folder/hard drive, drag and drop movie folder/files
  • Automatically detect movie name
  • Automatically get thumbnails and fanarts
  • Retrieve movie information (date,genre,actors,writer,...)
  • Generate XBMC NFO file
  • ...



Issue Updates

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Issue 46 created: "Adding Censorboard Ratings & shift "The" To Back"

25/01/14 17:00:19
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Issue 45 created: "Pouvoir inclure le titre français du film + le titre original"

06/01/14 10:11:20
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Issue 44 created: "Movie Renamer just won't start"

15/11/13 13:16:30

Recent changes in sources

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Update weblaf library to 1.17 Added status bar Added task panel Added rename worker ... - Revision 157c275938

11/10/13 13:11:11
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Change lib jna to 4.0 Fixed no file found in uniersal scrapper - Revision a69d3394db

11/07/13 02:52:02
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Movie Panel mackup Added Edit Panel (MovieInfoPanel can be edited) Added universal scrapper (fetch info from various scrapper) ... - Revision 372a1ab458

10/07/13 09:48:24
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Fixed gallery image index instead of id Fixed alloGroup cast Fixed motion picture rating Fixed warning Added plot keywords (tags) - Revision 362592e1e2

01/07/13 10:10:53
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File path refacto - Revision e4947d0de0

01/07/13 02:37:36
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Added alloGroup scrapper(Adorocinema, Beyazperde,...) Many fixe Media panel mockup ... - Revision 63ff5c35ec

01/07/13 02:28:24
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Fixed tmdb scrapper release date Fixed tmdb + imdb scrapper test Moved locale from Scrapper to SearchScrapper - Revision 98977954db

05/06/13 04:07:21